Surface Protection

Our Surface Protection Packages is a meticulous detail where your vehicle receives a multi-stage wash and complete paintwork decontamination. Embedded contaminants such as tar, iron and tree sap are totally removed. Once this is complete a premium carnauba wax or paint sealant is applied. The type of protection applied will be discussed with you prior to the detail, ensuring that the product selected best suits your vehicle’s paint type and colour.

These long term coatings protect your vehicles’ paint from a wide array of environmental fallout, and UV degradation, whilst ensuring all surfaces remain cleaner for longer saving you both time and effort. Whether you simply want the most advanced protection for your vehicle’s paintwork, or a busy lifestyle restricts you from finding the time to apply a coat of protection every couple of months, Autovalets Surface Protection Package may be the answer you have been looking for.

We recommend having this detail done every three to six months to help maintain the paintworks protection and keeping it looking its absolute best. This detail is also ideal for vehicles that have had a Full Paint Correction package carried out within the past year.

  • pH neutral snow foam pre-wash applied to vehicle, removing surface grime and dirt prior to wash process
  • Alloy wheels decontaminated and cleaned with pH neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes
  • Wheel arches, all door shuts and engine bay (optional) cleaned with citrus based degreaser
  • Multi stage, 2 bucket wash using luxury pH neutral shampoo and lamb’s wool wash mitts
  • Vehicle rinsed and then fully hand dried using ultra soft microfibre drying towels
    Paintwork decontaminated using a clay bar, fully removing all embedded contaminants such as industrial fallout, brake dust and tar as well as leaving a perfectly smooth feel to the paintwork
  • Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid bonding of wax
  • Premium carnauba wax applied to all painted surfaces
  • All chrome and stainless steel cleaned and polished
  • Heat resistant PTFE wax applied to alloy wheels
  • Tyres cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • Rubbers and exterior plastics treated and protected
  • Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows
  • Interior vacuumed and surfaces wiped down to remove dust
  • Paintwork wiped down and final vehicle inspection carried out

Check out our Gallery section for demonstrations of our work carried out.

Estimated Time – 0.5 Day

Price – From £100*

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*Please note prices are only a guidance as no two vehicles are the same. Get in touch to get a quote for your vehicle, price is dependant on size and model as prices reflect hours involved.